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Our Screen Time Management Bundle offers a complete toolkit for parents, designed to master the challenges of Screen Time and cultivate healthy digital habits for children.

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  • Balance screen time in your family?
  • Set boundaries with confidence?
  • Encourage meaningful online and offline activities?
  • Foster a positive and productive digital environment?

"I just wanted to share that Dr. Lara’s Screen Fiends course has provided me with so much insight and comfort. Dr. Lara has synthesized, with such articulate and warm expertise, so many pieces that I had spent years researching alone trying to understand how to best support my son. It has been such a long journey, so many ups and downs, and always trying to find an approach that would actually- help him, rather than leave us both feeling frustrated. This whole person, whole child, whole family approach has shifted my mindset. Dr, Lara has a calm presence and expressive wisdom that instills so much hope- there were so many times I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. This course, and her offerings are giving me a sense of strength building and a solution focus that is truly remarkable!"
- Catherene, mother of Christopher

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ScreenTime products


ScreenTime products

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Testimonials of our screen time products

"ScreenTime+ helped me create better boundaries with my Mac. Very useful. Highly recommend"

- Katie

"I was super impressed with the valuable content in the Screen Fiends course created by Dr. Laura. While this course was specifically designed for parents of children with ADHD, I believe that every parent can benefit from the content in this course because I think you'll agree with me, every parent struggles with fighting with their child about screen time. It is a tough thing in today's world. Dr. Laura has scientific-backed, easy-to-implement ideas to help you as the parent so that you're not constantly battling with your child. And at the end of the day, this is going to really help your child. And I know, like you and me, we want to have a better relationship with our child. So I urge you to listen to this course, and I wish you all the best."

- Diana

"ScreenTime+ has significantly improved my productivity by clearly showing where my time goes. It's essential for anyone looking to optimize their daily activities and stay on track."

- Swarna

"The course highlights the challenges of social media and the problems that it poses to children's developing brains and emphasizes the importance of how executive function skills like planning and impulse control and navigating social media responsibly come into play. By setting limits, encouraging alternative activities and working together to develop healthy habits, parents can help their children navigate the social media world. This app definitely helped me understand how to help navigate everything in a balanced way."

- Stephanie

"Highly recommend! Amazing app"

- Anonymous

"ScreenTime+ has been great! I would recommend using this product. Very helpful!"

- Anonymous

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